Confidently Create A Personal Brand That Attracts And Your High-Converting Lead & Sales Funnel in 30 Days


Put the right online business model in place. Claim your stake in one of the fastest most lucrative industries in America without tackling the build out alone, tech hang ups or crazy overwhelm.

If you're a founder, coach, service professional, consultant, or soon to be entrepreneur looking to generate more income and leverage your mission, voice, and profits in your biz, then you probably already know you need to take your products and services online. 


So I won't be redundant. 

Or spend time trying to convince you of something smart entrepreneurs like you already know because it's something that's been drilled deep into your entrepreneurial senses. Plus, you see it online everyday.

Above all, you already recognize that creating a personal brand that attracts along with an online business model are the key tipping points that'll allow you to leverage your purpose, mission, time and income.

It'll give you the visibility to impact more people in your business and scale your business to your revenue goals.

You've probably heard the online training industry in the US alone is worth over 110 billion dollars and ecommerce a whopping 500 billion and growing. 


Even if you have your consulting biz, done-for-you services, affiliate revenue, ecommerce store, or digital products on lock down ~ having a personal brand that attracts + a high-converting lead and sales funnel can:

Earn Higher Rates

Even if you're happy with your rates, once you successfully build a strong personal brand and have a successful lead and sales funnel model in place, your business perception and authority in the online world grows, naturally driving you to earn higher fees for your precious (limited) time.

Raise Your Credibility, Authority & Visibility

This leads to paid speaking gigs, book deals, conference invites, creating more digital products/memberships sites/online stores, attract important partnerships, and have valuable opportunities that add new revenue streams to your business. 

Generate Consistent And Reliable Leads & Cash Flow

This model places you in control of your profits. You'll no longer depend on hustling for clients 24/7. Instead, you'll bring in predictable and sustainable revenues that gives you the freedom to grow your business and brand at your desired pace.

Even Though The Reasons To Use This Methodology Is A No Brainer, The Process Involved In Creating One Isn't Simple..


Build A Brand That Attracts + A High Converting Lead & Sales Funnel?


But, where exactly should I start?

Maybe in your most courageous of moments you've tried to start setting up or tweaking your business model.

You've taken free courses, written down ideas, hire a business coach, expect your virtual assistant to have the answers or maybe even created your first online course.

If you're the go-getter type, likely you've invested in a website that not getting traffic, you're enrolled in a membership program or two, and bought equipment or products for your online business. 

But even with the absolute best of intentions, most would-be impactful and profitable online entrepreneurs end up not following through with the business changes, or even start it and allow their competitors to eat up more of the market share while they watch from the sidelines.

Here's why most would be successful brands and businesses abandon their dream to thrive in the online marketplace:

Without a super clear, step-by-step project plan and coaching support, most would be wildly thriving brands and businesses become completely lost and frustrated.

They're stopped in their tracks not knowing where to begin, what to do next. Or, they fall victim to the tech hang ups, how to use social media with a real strategy or how to systematically convert prospects into clients. 

Here's why this is detrimental and crippling.

As an already busy entrepreneur with clients to services, products or services to promote, or maybe even a day job you're still holding down you can't afford to waste your time.

And the moment you get lost or feel overwhelm, it's hard to bounce back.

So likely you know, that putting the right brand and online business model framework in place is one of the few things in your business that you need to prioritize getting right .

Because you don't want to waste your time, money and efforts creating an ineffective system that doesn't work; or not getting to create an online model at all.

Which means..

It's better late than never, there's still a golden opportunity for you to jump in build a brand that attracts and create and implement a high-converting lead and sales system for your business.



The 3 Reasons Most Entrepreneurs Fail To Reach Their Impact & Revenue Goals

(and how to assure you don't!)



Building a successful online business isn't particularly over complicated but there are many moving parts that have to be implemented into a cohesive system.

How to nail the brand, most viable niche, the messaging, and how to design the lead and sales system?

Time to respect it for what it is - a BUSINESS PROJECT that can earn you  revenue over the course of your business so it's time to approach it accordingly.





It's critical to understand the basic tenants of marketing and promoting your brand, products, services online. You should make it a priority to know how your system works, and what your business conversion numbers are before you should ever consider outsourcing your marketing.

Too many entrepreneurs view their marketing as just another business chore, and tackle it without a real strategy or tactical plan. 



Most online brands and businesses don't have a board of directors or business vets directing them. They lack online business knowledge, and the support of a coach.

They're on their own trying to  figure their way to success while wearing many hats (some they have NO experience with).  Unfortunately,  they don't understand the limitations of things like not having an identifiable brand, their OWN marketing platform, or a high-converting sales system. Or even it they get it, it often takes a back seat to other things. 




Online brands and businesses are killing getting their messages heard while making lucrative revenue. Some of today's fastest growing, most impactful and profitable brands in the world, are online business BUT success is far from evenly distributed.

As with most things, there are huge disparities. However,  in the online space you have a lot more control over you own success.

A handful of folks will get a gigantic piece of the pie while others won't claim much or little to no success. 

The #01 reason for this, as you may know already, is simple. There are very low barriers to launch a brand and business online, it's a lot more affordable than starting a brick and mortar business and you can work from anywhere at anytime of the day.

But wait...Even though the barriers are little to none, it's very difficult to succeed without a real commitment to building a brand and promoting your products and services into a profitable business.

Putting the right system in place is still not rocket science (thank goodness!) and as long as you can avoid the biggest roadblocks that eliminate would be profitable brands and online businesses, your future looks mighty bright! 

With a step-by-step roadmap and guided business coaching you can achieve your business goals and the time and financial freedom that comes along with it. All by scaling your expertise, impact and influence to real profitability. 

The secret sauce to all of this is inside Digital CEO Society's Brand Builder for Bosses Bootcamp, AND I INVITE YOU TO JOIN ME IN THE PROGRAM.


No more waiting to use your experience, knowledge and unique value to build a profitable business you love!



Working with Courtney on building my brand and pivoting on my entrepreneurial path has been game-changing. As a 7 -year entrepreneur vet, just when I thought I was clear on my brand, and achieving the new goals I have for my business, Courtney rocked my branding world.  I'm soo grateful to have her as a part of Team Marto.

Dina Marto, Twelve Studios 



This Is Your Season.  You Have What It Takes. You've Got Next.

Digital CEO Society is an online bootcamp and membership specially created to help you confidently blaze a trail through promoting your programs, products and services into a profitable business.

You have a unique purpose, mission and story with invaluable skills to offer in the world.  

Inside the program, you'll learn step-by-step how to package and promote those skills and what you to monetize your brand and business with ease. 
The Brand Builder for Bosses Bootcamp, teaches the full brand building framework in four simple steps.  It provides you a full breakdown of the step-by-step process, the strategies, the apps and  the systems accessible to you with very minimal expenses that you can implement immediately to earn money online.

BONUS: You'll get tons of mentoring support from Courtney and her team inside.


The Complete Step-By-Step Plan for Confidently Creating & Implementing Your Online Business Model The Right Way

Discover Your Most Viable Niche, Build And Grow Your Brand, Grow An Audience & Promote Your Products & Services Into A Profitable Business


This brand and business building program takes everything I've learned from my 15+  year career in marketing, advertising and sales. Compounded with nine years of consulting and coaching clients to build their brands and business, and the skills and expertise I've acquired transitioning my own business online. I've channeled my knowledge and experience into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that non only teaches you high-level theory, but walks you through the execution of making it work in your business. 

The Bootcamp, coaching and community compiles the most effective lessons and strategies I've learned into a simplified system that will give you the right foundation to promote your products, programs and services into a profitable business. 

Inside, I’m showing you the exact strategies I’ve used and steps I’ve taken helping clients to build and grow multiple six and seven figure brands.  The sames strategies I've used placing over 100 million in client advertising dollars.

I believe your personal brand is your #1 asset. And I’m going to show you how to hone and leverage it in order to increase your income, build your platform, and grow an engaged community that absolutely values what you create or sell.

Digital CEO Society is the only online bootcamp, coaching and community you need to truly achieve your goals, grow your audience, and monetize your brand. And while you'll have to do a bit of the 'techy' stuff, it'll be made simple. 

During the bootcamp phase you’ll learn how to create a thriving community AND turn it into a full-time business by creating and implementing a customized lead and sales system.

You'll learn the most powerful lessons, strategies, systems, apps, resources, and mentorship within an algorithm-proof system.

Imagine yourself only 30 days away weeks away from a purposeful brand and a lead and sales model that finally works. Feel your frustration of how to promote your products and services melt as you get excited about your marketing strategies and goals.




In phase one, the introductory course ~ Brand Builder for Bosses you'll get clarity around your brand, the people you most want to serve and the value you can offer. You'll identify your million dollar idea, validate the best way to package it online, create your lead and sales framework, and craft your communication plan.

Plus, you'll get weekly support in the course only Private Facebook group to help you work through each week of the implementation.

After the bootcamp you'll have the opportunity to easily transition into ~ The Society, a monthly membership subscription. As you head into phase Digital CEO Society with your online business model in place, you'll learn the best kept strategies behind successful live launches, webinars, online courses, digital products and how creating and implementing them the right way can catapult your business to 6 or 7 figures.

You'll receive on-going online marketing and sales strategies with a monthly action plan along with the lesson, tools and templates that leave nothing for you to have to try to  figure out.

Oh-and an incredible the networking component ~The Community. Which offers off and online networking opportunities through regional Society Social Meetups around the country. These special events give you invaluable access to network, promote your business or collaborate with other like-minded revolutionaries.

The result: An alluring brand, business systems to attract and covert your specific audience and an on-going monthly brand building, marketing, and online sales support. Plus, inclusion in a revolutionary women led business business movement and community.

Brand Builder for Bosses Bootcamp


Module 01~ CLARITY

Module Highlights:

> Identify your superpower, purpose, mission and vision behind your brand

> Identify your smallest viable niche and profile your dream customer profile

> Uncover your unique point of view, value and sales proposition and align your brand message with your dream customers needs or desires



Module 02~ CREATE

Module Highlights:

> Discover your million dollar idea

> Learn how to package your value as a solution for your dream customers

> Create and implement your million dollar online framework

> Craft your brand's distinct identity 

> Design your make money method




Module Highlights:

> Craft your brand's story, mission and message

> Create your brand's core lead magnet

> Learn to batch your original content  

> Establish your communication plan 


Module 04~ CONVERT

Module Highlights:

> Create and implement your lead and sales model 





We have absolutely LOVE working with Courtney Rhodes –  she has created a beautiful website for us as well as running our advertising campaigns – there has never been a time she has not been available to us, answering all our emails and questions immediately and being an awesome asset – we could not do it without her!

Theresa Southerland

Bella Figlia Designs, Co-Owner





Phase Two~ The Society + Community

The Society membership offers on-going support with continued online coaching and support, and online marketing and sales strategies to continue to build upon your business foundation.

The community experiences are curated member events that are  informative, inspiring and entertaining networking. They embody the revolutionary Digital CEO lifestyle; and covers everything from being an entrepreneur, to family work life balance to the best in beauty and style.

Everything a modern woman of style & substance wants to feel confident, supported and rallied behind to stay the course of building her legacy and a meaningful impact in the world.

Membership Highlights:

> Build upon your online business model with on-going online marketing strategies with an implementation plan

> Get mentored through implementing the same modern marketing strategies Fortune 500 brands use

> Receive free templates, resources and content inspiration each month

>Receive your monthly copy of The Society, an online magazine for women entrepreneurs of style and substance

>Have your brand featured in the Members Markeplace within The Society

>Invites to The Society Social Meetups (various cities) 

>Have the Opportunity to Co-host Events in Your City

>Become a Digital CEO Society Ambassador ~ Join the Leadership Team That Plans Member Events The Society isn't just a membership subscription of female brands and women-owned businesses,

It's a lifestyle of revolutionary women from all walks  using their brands to live the live of their dreams and connect, collaborate and celebrate with like-minds. 


The Dream Catching Challenge


Let me be clear, Digital CEO Society is the most comprehensive step-by-step implementation program and community for women entrepreneurs and influencers who are excited, committed to create a compelling brand to serve as the cornerstone of their business success in the heart of the Digital Era.

Yes, in Digital CEO Society our community is curated and jam packed with helpful, supportive and valuable resources to help you reach your own brand, business and lifestyle goals. 

By pass making some of the biggest, most time consuming and expensive mistakes many entrepreneurs and aspiring ones make. Don't launch another course, membership site, blog, website, book, training, coaching or offer services or products online, WITHOUT a built in audience of targeted and engaged potential buyers who are primed and want to buy your stuff.

Don't try to go at brand building and entrepreneurship alone anymore, do it 'Society Style' and here's the kicker.

Unlike other programs, I don't want you to spend thousands of dollars to create your wonderful products or offers, buy tons of social media ads to run to a cold audience, and still end up disappointed with the results because you skipped the entire brand building and audience alignment piece.

So here's a challenge...Enroll in Digital CEO Society right now, you'll have access to your Project Plan, watch the introduction video,  dig into the lessons and start working through your guides. 

By the end of 15 days, after you've had time to decide on your 'One Thing', craft your alluring public persona,  align your audience and begin working on your your conversion platform; if you don't feel like you're well on your way to killing the return on your investment, just let Morgan know at [email protected] and we'll gladly refund you your investment. 






Join Digital CEO Society To Grow Your Brand & Business ~ And Make Your Mark On The World Too

When you invest in your business dream through Digital CEO Society, you're both committing to your own personal development and success. but also the people who you're committed to serve, your community and the world with the help of our strong mission based culture. 

Our mantra is to unite to fuel the dream of a world with women revolutionaries from all walks of life empowering themselves and their sister-friends.  We are a global movement of fearlessly courageous women sharing our expertise, tools, resources, stories, and sweat equity to collectively inspire and lead the next generation of daughters, sisters, and girlfriends to dream big and confidently realize their fullest potential.





Join Digital CEO Society to all the guess work out of how to establish a brand that's compelling enough to become the cornerstone of your financial success. Enjoy the benefits of an exclusive members-only society, plus get the support of a like-minded community while building your brand and legacy.


Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:


The Complete Digital CEO Society (Course + Membership)  - $1,597.00 Value

  • Bonus 1: Private, Course Only Facebook Group With 4 Weeks of Brand Builder Course Support & Accountability - $297 Value
  • Bonus 2: Weekly Q & A Inside The Private Facebook Group For Clarity, Support & Troubleshooting - $ 397 Value

         When you add it all up, that’s a 

    Total Value: $2,291.00


But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:




Full Pay $557

1 Upfront Payment of

$557  &  $39.97  (membership payments begin in 30-days)



2X Pay $299

2 Payments of

      $299 &  $39.97            (membership payments begin in 30- days)



3X Pay $199

3 Payments of

      $199 &  $39.97  (membership payments begin in 30- days)


Frequent Concerns...

Frequent Concerns...

Phase one helps you hone in on exactly what matters to you, what you're proficient in and your comfort level in what parts of your brand to lead with and share. No secret, many days I'm in vintage denim and tanks working on new content and lessons but the content I'm share was planned and created in advance.

The branding strategies you'll learn will give you the clarity you need about your brand, what stories to tell, and the content to best nurture your audience.

If you know you've got something big you want to share in the world, you'll learn exactly how to hone it, how to package it, what to say and how to share it in confidence. 


I feel you, valid point. I’ll show you the exact tools and apps I use and walk you through how to use them. I'll get you hooked up on a system that's easy to implement and very intuitive. 


That's a valid concern. I had you in mind when I designed the program the way I have. You can follow along, implement the lessons and work at your own pace. Once your new system is in place it will definitely help you streamline your marketing and communication plan. 

This is a common concern unfortunately. That's exactly why I've structured this membership in three phases. You'll have the foundation you need to be prepared to confidently use the lessons, plan and resources provided throughout. Then you'll be fully supported each month to reinforce and further implement what you'll continue to learn. 

This is a very layered process and you can't start at step 3 in the process and expect to fully grasp how everything should work together. My step-by-step methods makes implementing easy to follow.   

Taking a big step towards your dream can be intimidating. For me, it's always been  important to invest in continued education and mentorship for my own business. From my perspective, being able to be guided by a professional and filter through the fluff to learn new strategies and use them in my business has been invaluable. 

The money comes back to you and for some a lot sooner than they imagined. But to erase your trepidation, rest comfortably with my my 100% 15 day money-back guarantee.


I am so grateful for becoming connected to Courtney Rhodes during the time of operating my fitness studio and releasing my first fitness based novel a few years ago. Upon coming across a glowing reference online of her work with another fitness professional, I reached out to Courtney to assist in my professional endeavors, and the rest is our “history".

-Sonia Marie Trimble




Enroll now to take advantage of a program and membership that works and start consistently growing your audience and income, because it's your time to create the life you’ve always dreamed about.




You're ready to slay brag-worthy wins inside

Digital CEO Society if...

  1. If you're just starting on your entrepreneurship journey and aim to hit a home run using the most powerful, easy -to-follow, what's working now online branding and marketing strategies. Plus, be supported by other revolutionary women.
  2. You've been struggling to build a following, get more engagement and make your brand and what you do more visible. 
  3. You already have an online course, book, blog, service or product based business and you know your audience is out there but you're have some challenges reaching them.  
  4. You randomly invest a few hours a week actively trying to get your products or services launched, you have a big vision for your business and  the work ethic to realize your dream idea but you've been procrastinating because the whole idea is overwhelming and a bit scary.
  5. You're a boss and you're doing it well but realize being a Female CEO Is Not Your Identity. The world is telling you you're a complete badass but your reality feels far from it. It's hard to let go of the imposter syndrome and you feel alone on your journey like you're at the top of the hill by yourself. You yearn for  the support of an active,  strong, women led -inclusive society.
  6. You're committed to investing a couple of hours a week as long as you're confident the energy you invest is strategic and monumental steps toward building your personal brand, attracting more social media followers and converting your audience into subscribers. 
  7. You're fully aware of all the profitable opportunities and doors that will open for you once you've established your brand, attract a targeted audience and have a thriving email list. 
  8. You're thrilled to implement the 6-Step Brand & Business Building Blueprint even if you've been side-tracked, let down or failed happens. You're feeling optimistic with a renewed sense of knowing it's really your time and by tomorrow this time, you can be plugging away towards your entrepreneurial dream. You're beyond ready for an easy to follow but effective method for building your brand, attracting ideal customers and building your own platform.

If you said “yes” to at least 3 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside...


Here’s what you get enrolling today:


The Digital CEO Society (Bootcamp + Membership)  - $1,597.00

  • Bonus 1: Private, Course Only Facebook Group With 4 Weeks of Brand Builder Course Support & Accountability - $297 Value
  • Bonus 2: Weekly Q & A Inside The Private Facebook Group For Clarity, Support & Troubleshooting - $ 397 Value


     When you add it all up, that’s a 

  Total Value: $2,291.00



But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:


Full Pay $557

1 Upfront Payment of

$557 & $39.97   (membership payments begin in 30-days)



2X Pay $299

2 Payments of 

$299 & $39.97     (membership payments begin in 30-days)



3X Pay $199

3 Payments of

      $199 &  $39.97  (membership payments begin in 30- days)


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